National Institute of Design - Fitness facilities

Wellocity performed a dual role at NID - that of Infrastructure Consulting, as well as Facility Management.
Wellocity was involved in the conceptualisation and development of the fitness centers at NID’s Ahmedabad as well as Gandhinagar campuses. Our team was, and continues to be, involved in multiple capacities at the institutes, including

  1. Advising NID on what kind of facilities would be most suitable to their centers.
  2. Helping in formulation of the contract, which included all technical specifications required by NID.
  3. Overseeing the implementation of the contract, to ensure that the work was done as per standards.
  4. Post completion, running the centers and managing their day to day operations.
  5. Managing the fitness programs of regular users, as well as conducting regular health check-ups of all members of the NID community.

The NID centers at Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar were inaugurated on 15th August, 2012 and 21st November, 2013 respectively, and have been running successfully since then.