Vadodara Sports Promotion Foundation - Swimming High Performance Centre

Sama Sports Complex in Vadodara is a state of the art sports facility developed by Vadodara Municipal Corporation and is being managed by Vadodara Sports Promotion Foundation (VSPF).

VSPF has engaged the services of Wellocity (through it lead architect), both as an infrastructure consultant and management consultant. As part of infrastructure consulting, our team is helping VSPF in the development of a high performance center for athletes, with a focus on swimming (the facility has an Olympic size indoor swimming pool). Our role also includes structuring the operations in such a manner that the center can be operated on a Public Private Partnership (PPP) mode.

In its current development stage, Wellocity is working with architects of this facility in designing the layouts of various departments, as well as providing guidelines on running them. These include

  1. Anthropometry
  2. Athletes assessments
  3. Strength and conditioning (both functional and non-functional)
  4. Physiotherapy and Injury Management
  5. Coaching
  6. Performance Tracking

Along with the above services, Wellocity is also providing detailed specification for equipment to be purchased for these departments.

As part of management consulting, and due to its experience in management of large scale PPP projects, Wellocity is advising VSPF in developing various models under which private participation can be encouraged for Operations and Management of this facility. Wellocity is the lead manager for this project, and has a wide range of responsibilities, starting from structuring, to appointment of agency, to overall monitoring of agency’s performance on behalf of VSPF.