Rajkot Municipal Corporation - Sports facilities

Given its success in developing sports & fitness facilities for various public sector enterprises, Wellocity has also been empanelled as a consultant for the Rajkot Municipal Corporation (RMC). This involves helping to set up and run the following activities in RMC’s upcoming sports facilities

  1. Synthetic Tack
  2. Hockey Artificial Turf Ground
  3. Shooting Range
  4. Tennis Courts & Fitness Centres

The scope of work includes

  1. Development of detailed technical specifications for these facilities, keeping in mind various factors like local weather conditions, water availability and expected usage patterns of general public and training athletes.
  2. Management of procurement process of these facilities, including development of tender, solving queries by potential bidders and finalization of contracts.

Our team surveyed other sports facilities like Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium (New Delhi), Youth Commonwealth Games Village (Pune) and Kanteerva Stadium (Bangalore) to help plan state-of-the-art facilities for RMC.